Fully Automatic. High Power. Efficient. Affordable.

About the system

Automatic charging solution

NRG-X represents a ground-breaking approach that is redefining the charging process of electric vehicles. It provides efficient, high power energy transfer, has a great range of parking tolerance and can be simply retrofitted to almost every electric vehicle. Therefore, NRG-X is the ideal solution for convenient every day charging of your electric vehicle primarily at home. The system comprises two basic components:

  • Vehicle unit - Retrofitted on the car’s underbody
  • Base unit - The connecting system on the parking space

The idea behind NRG-X

Basic approach

The highly advanced, conductive connecting mechanism of NRG-X enables the reduction of the complex manually, multi-dimensional plug-in movement of the charging cable to a fully automatic, vertical movement. For this reason, the innovative, patented, connecting system of the base unit can easily connect to the vehicle unit with a great range of position tolerance. Therefore, no straight to the point parking is required anymore in contrast to inductive systems.

How does charging with NRG-X work?

Revolutionary principle

Self-aligning connector

Any arbitrary position of the connector (1) within the dimensions of the vehicle adapter's connecting cell results in an interlocking position (2). Therefore, all coaxial and hollow cylindrical contact elements of the connector are aligned in order to fully connect with the respective conductive layer of the vehicle adapter's connection cell (3). This enables not only an extremely compact design but also large conductor cross-sections for high power charging.

Entirely new possibilities for AUTONOMOUS driving cars

Due to an 'anytime' automatic grid connection, NRG-X enables entirely new possibilities for autonomous driving cars. Up to now, there is no satisfactory solution for upcoming autonomous driving electric vehicles for an automatic grid connection. Furthermore, the entire parking time can be potentially used to obtain energy from the power grid when it is reasonable. This enhances new business models such as real-time pricing or active load management.

Intuitive Wall box design

The wall box comprises the control and safety unit and has an innovative and clear-designed user interface. This tri-coloured LED ring enables real-time parking position validation and guiding by arrow-shaped animations. Additionally, all relevant charging parameters (charging capacity, starting time, etc.) can be manually adjusted or automatically by an intelligent charging management.

Cable-based (conductive) vs. inductive charging

NRG-X stands for "Energy Exchange" and combines all the advantages of conductive, cable based charging systems with the advantages of inductive systems without having their respective disadvantages or at least in a mitigated way. Inductive systems cannot be the future due to the fact, that they have too many fundamentally physical related disadvantages compared to conductive systems.

Advanced features of NRG-X

The pioneering solution NRG-X provides everything that fulfils all future expectations of an ideal charging system.

Automatic Charging

90% of charging takes place at private homes, these 90% will be fully automatic with NRG-X

High Power

Charging with up to 22 kW at private homes to minimize charging durations


In contrast to inductive charging systems, the conductive connection of NRG-X is almost lossless. This means no more waste of energy


NRG-X is electrically encapsulated, water and dirt protected, corrosion-resistant, always volt-free and protected by a patented slide cover

Easy retrofit

The connecting array can be easily adapted to every EV, the base station is just plug and play without any need for an electrician

Low cost

Albeit NRG-X provides fully automatic, high power charging, it can even compete in terms of pricing with conventional wall boxes


NRG-X is fully compatible with conventional charging systems and uses the same communication standards for charging

Intelligent Charging

An intelligent charging management system enables optimized balance between charging capacity, duration with regards to alternating supply grid loads

Cooperations and partners

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NRG-X will be ready for market launch in late 2017. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, comments, messages or if you are looking for strategic collaborations or partnerships: