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Affordable. Simply Retrofittable to Every Electric Vehicle.

About NRG-X

Automatic charging solution

NRG-X is the world's first fully automatic charging solution, which provides efficient, high power energy transfer, has a great range of parking tolerance, replaces entirely an expensive conventional wallbox and can be simply retrofitted to every electric vehicle. Therefore, NRG-X is the ideal solution for convenient every day charging of your electric vehicle primarily at home. The system comprises two basic components:

  • Connecting Array - Mounted on the car’s underbody
  • Base Station - The connecting system in or on your driveway

Idea behind NRG-X

Fundamental approach

The highly advanced, conductive connecting mechanism of NRG-X enables the reduction of the manually, multi-dimensional plug-in movement of the charging cable to a fully automatic, one-dimensional, vertical movement. For this reason, the innovative, patented, polyphase connecting system, which is located in the base station, can connect to every single point within the area, which is covered by the connecting array. Therefore, no straight to the point parking is required anymore in contrast to inductive systems.

How does charging with NRG-X work?

Revolutionary connecting principle

Basic alignment process

Considering a surface that is consistently structured by a hexagonal pattern, whereas each cell has a conical shaped recess, a cone would slide into any cell by an orthogonal movement towards the connecting array. This means, any arbitrary position of the cone within the dimensions of the connecting array reaches a discrete final position in the middle of the respective contacting cell. The positioning cone must be resilient and therefore laterally (in x- and y-direction) moveable mounted for the distance of a contacting cell's outer radius.

Greatly simplified

Aligned plug system

The conical shaped positioning element of the plug system has reached its final position. Hence, all coaxial and hollow cylindrical contact elements are aligned in order to fully connect with the contact layers in the coaxial respective recesses afterwards. To complete the conductive connection, the orthogonal force has been keeping applied to the contacting elements.

High-power polyphase

Contacted plug system

The contacting array consists of alternating conductive and electrically isolated layers. Every single contacting ring connects to its respective layer, whereas the most outer ring (largest diameter) connects to the uppermost contact layer of the connecting array. All contacting rings are divided into slightly movable segments in order to reduce the electrical contact resistance by increasing the mechanical radial force of the contacting elements. A compression spring between the positioning cone and the contact elements ensure an autonomous return to the initial position after unplugging. Furthermore, the plug system is entirely isolated, except the for the electrical connection required area of the contact elements.

Entirely new possibilities for AUTONOMOUS driving cars

Due to an 'anytime' automatic grid connection, NRG-X enables entirely new possibilities for autonomous driving/parking cars. Up to now, there is no sufficient solution for upcoming autonomous driving/parking electric vehicles to automatically connect to the power grid. Furthermore, the entire parking time can be potentially used to obtain energy from the power grid when it is reasonable. This enhances new business models for real-time pricing or active load management.

Intuitive Wallbox design

The wallbox, which comprises the control and safety unit has an innovative and clear designed user interface. This tri-colored LED ring enables real-time park position validation and guiding by an intuitive, arrow-shaped animation. Additionally, all relevant charging parameters (charging capacity, starting time, etc.) can be manually adjusted or automatically by an intelligent charging management.

Sophisticated Connecting module

The heart of the entire system is the NRG-X connecting module or base station. This connecting module, which is mounted in the middle of a parking space, comprises the lifting arm with the patented connecting system. The lifting arm is driven by a linear actuator, which is the only active moving part of the entire charging system. When the connecting system is lifted upwards, the patented electromagnetic pre-alignment procedure ensures a distinctive position of both front covers relatively to the protection covers of the connection matrix in order to open them securely. Additionally, the connecting module is designed mechanical robust enough to even withstand an overrunning by a vehicle.

Cable-based (conductive) vs. inductive charging

NRG-X stands for "Energy Exchange" and combines all the advantages of conductive, cable based charging systems with the advantages of inductive systems without having their respective disadvantages or at least in a mitigated way. Inductive systems will never succeed due to the fact, that they have so many fundamentally physical related disadvantages compared to conductive systems.

Advanced features of NRG-X

The pioneering charging solution NRG-X is a cost-efficient, fully automatic connecting system, which enables electric vehicles to use a conductive connection in order to avoid electrical losses and replaces entirely the inconvenient and time-consuming task of constantly connecting the vehicle manually by hand with a laborious cable.

Automatic Charging

90% of charging take place at private homes, these 90% will be fully automatic with NRG-X

High Power

Charging with up to 22 kW for your private home to minimize charging durations


In contrast to inductive charging systems, the conductive connection of NRG-X is almost lossless. This means no more waste of energy.


NRG-X is electrically encapsulated, water and dirt protected, corrosion-resistant, always volt-free and protected by a patented slide cover with electromagnetic pre-alignment

Simple retrofitting

The connecting array can be easily adapted to every EV, the base station is just plug and play without any need for an electrician

Low cost

Thus NRG-X provides fully automatic, high power charging, it even can compete in terms of price with conventional wallboxes


NRG-X is fully compatible to conventional charging systems and uses the same communication standards for charging

Intelligent Charging

An intelligent charging management system enables optimal balance between charging capacity, duration with regards to alternating supply grid loads.

Cooperations and partners

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NRG-X will be ready for market in late 2017. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, comments, messages or if you are looking for strategic collaborations or partnerships: